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At the international level, the body of international instruments, including those concerning international trade and finance, climate change and protection of the environment and the right to development, establishes internationally agreed standards which support sustainable development. At the national level, the rule of law is necessary to create an environment for providing sustainable livelihoods and eradicating poverty.

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Poverty often stems from disempowerment, exclusion and discrimination. The rule of law fosters development through strengthening the voices of individuals and communities, by providing access to justice , ensuring due process and establishing remedies for the violation of rights. Security of livelihoods, shelter, tenure and contracts can enable and empower the poor to defend themselves against violations of their rights. Legal empowerment goes beyond the provision of legal remedies and supports better economic opportunities.

In order for the rule of law to further sustainable development outcomes, it must ensure protection for all human rights, including economic, social and cultural rights and the right to development.

The demise of the nation state

The General Assembly has highlighted, inter alia, the importance of access to justice for all , and in this regard encouraged the strengthening and improvement of the administration of justice, and emphasized that respect for the rule of law and property rights and the pursuit of appropriate policy and regulatory frameworks encourage business formation , including entrepreneurship, and contribute to poverty eradication.

Human history is the story of the self-evolving of the human species through the work of the human mind. The selfevolving of the human species is a by-product of the self-ordering of human beings, within the private mind of each human being and within the public minds of all human societies.

The three co-ordinates of our self-consciousness—as individual human beings, as intermediate societies, as the society of all-humanity—are the ordering structures of the ceaseless process of our self-constituting as persons and as societies. As the human species re-creates itselfas the social species, the human mind faces new challenges, new in kind and new in scale, at every level of human self-constituting, at every level of human self-consciousness.

We are excited by the new possibilities of human self-constituting at the level of the species. Unused reserves of human potentiality can be released and realised, bringing into fruitful collaboration new levels of human energy, creativity, intelligence, to serve the highest aspirations and the highest ideals of all-humanity. We know that we will be writing a new page in the better story of human self-evolving.

International law

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