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Li, Y. Song, J. Wang, and J.

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Curvature Ergodic Theory of Expanding Thurston Maps Essential Real Analysis Euclidean Distance Geometry Excel for Advertising Statistics Excel for Social Work Statistics Excursions in Harmonic Analysis, Volume 5 Exploring the Riemann Zeta Function Extended Abstracts Fall Extended Abstracts Spring Eye Tracking and Visualization Feferman on Foundations Financial Markets Theory Fluid-structure Interactions Formal Matrices Foundations of Fluid Mechanics with Applications Fourier-Malliavin Volatility Estimation Fractal Zeta Functions and Fractal Drums Fractional and Multivariable Calculus Framelets and Wavelets Free Probability and Random Matrices From Groups to Categorial Algebra From Natural Numbers to Quaternions From Ordinary to Partial Differential Equations From Riemann to Differential Geometry and Relativity From Statistics to Mathematical Finance Function Spaces and Inequalities Functional Analysis in Interdisciplinary Applications Functional Analysis, Spectral Theory, and Applications Functional Statistics and Related Fields Generalized Functions and Fourier Analysis Geometric Aspects of Functional Analysis Geometric Function Theory in Higher Dimension Geometric Group Theory Geometric Inequalities Geometric Invariant Theory Geometry Over Nonclosed Fields Geometry, Analysis and Probability Geostatistics Valencia Ginzburg-Landau Vortices Green's Functions Groups, Matrices, and Vector Spaces Growth Curve Models and Applications Harmonic and Complex Analysis in Several Variables Harmonies of Disorder Health Care Systems Engineering Hemomath Heritage and Archaeology in the Digital Age Hermitian—Grassmannian Submanifolds Homological and Computational Methods in Commutative Algebra Humanizing Mathematics and its Philosophy Hyperplane Arrangements Hyponormal Quantization of Planar Domains Industrial Mathematics and Complex Systems Information Geometry Information Geometry and Population Genetics Innovative Algorithms and Analysis Intangible Life Integrability of Dynamical Systems: Algebra and Analysis Integral Methods in Science and Engineering, Volume 1 Integral Methods in Science and Engineering, Volume 2 Introduction to Complex Theory of Differential Equations Introduction to Inverse Problems for Differential Equations Introduction to Relation Algebras Introduction to the Study of Natural History Introduction to the Theory of Lie Groups Introductory Statistics and Random Phenomena Introductory Statistics for Business and Economics Intuitive Introductory Statistics Inverse Problems for Partial Differential Equations Islamic Design: A Mathematical Approach Islamic Geometric Patterns Kazhdan-Lusztig Cells with Unequal Parameters KP Solitons and the Grassmannians Large Deviations for Random Graphs Leavitt Path Algebras Lecture Notes on Wavelet Transforms L-Functions and Automorphic Forms Lie Groups, Differential Equations, and Geometry Linear Regression Longwave Instabilities and Patterns in Fluids Lorentzian Geometry and Related Topics Louis Boutet de Monvel, Selected Works Lyapunov Exponents Magic Squares in the Tenth Century Math for Scientists Math for the Digital Factory Math Tools Mathematical and Theoretical Neuroscience Mathematical Aspects of Multi—Porosity Continua Mathematical Bridges Mathematical Foundations of Time Series Analysis Mathematical Gauge Theory Mathematical Grammar of Biology Mathematical Methods for Cancer Evolution Mathematical Modeling Mathematical Models Mathematical Statistics Mathematical Structures of Natural Intelligence Mathematical Tapas Mathematical Thermodynamics of Complex Fluids Mathematics Across Contemporary Sciences Mathematics for Nonlinear Phenomena — Analysis and Computation Mathematics of Epidemics on Networks Matrix Algebra Matrix-Exponential Distributions in Applied Probability Meaning and Proscription in Formal Logic Metric Diffusion Along Foliations Metrical and Dynamical Aspects in Complex Analysis Mobius Invariant QK Spaces Model Reduction of Parametrized Systems Modeling in Mathematics Modeling Life Modeling, Analysis, and Visualization of Anisotropy Modelling with the Master Equation Models, Algorithms, and Technologies for Network Analysis Modern Approaches to Discrete Curvature Modern Problems of Stochastic Analysis and Statistics Modern Real Analysis Modern Solvers for Helmholtz Problems Moduli of Curves Monoidal Categories and Topological Field Theory Multi-Objective Optimization Problems Multiscale Models in Mechano and Tumor Biology Multivariable Calculus with Applications Nevanlinna Theory Never Split Tens!

New Advances in Statistics and Data Science New Trends in Analysis and Interdisciplinary Applications Noncausal Stochastic Calculus Non-Convex Multi-Objective Optimization Non-Instantaneous Impulses in Differential Equations Nonlinear Reaction-Diffusion Systems Nonlinear Wave Equations Nonlinearly Perturbed Semi-Markov Processes Novel Methods in Computational Finance Numerical Linear Algebra: Theory and Applications Numerical Methods and Analysis of Multiscale Problems Numerical Models for Differential Problems On Characters of Finite Groups Operations Research, Engineering, and Cyber Security Optimal Control: Novel Directions and Applications Optimization and Approximation Optimization and Decision Science: Methodologies and Applications Optimization and Management in Manufacturing Engineering Optimization in Engineering Optimization Methods and Applications Orthogonal Designs Parameter Estimation in Fractional Diffusion Models Partial Least Squares Path Modeling Particles in Flows Patterns of Dynamics Periods and Nori Motives Perspectives in Lie Theory Physical and Mathematical Aspects of Symmetries Piecewise Deterministic Processes in Biological Models Positive Operator Semigroups Probability for Statisticians Probability with Applications in Engineering, Science, and Technology Profinite Graphs and Groups Proportional Representation Putnam and Beyond Pyomo — Optimization Modeling in Python Quandles and Topological Pairs Quantitative Decisions in Drug Development Quantum Symmetries Quantum Theory, Groups and Representations Ramanujan Summation of Divergent Series Ramanujan's Theta Functions Random Measures, Theory and Applications Random Obstacle Problems Random Walks in the Quarter Plane Raoul Bott: Collected Papers Real Analysis Recent Developments in Fractals and Related Fields Reliability is a New Science Resurgence, Physics and Numbers Riemannian Geometry and Geometric Analysis Rings, Polynomials, and Modules Risk Theory Robust Multivariate Analysis Saved from the Cellar Scientific Computing 1 Scientific Computing 2 Scientific Computing 3 Scientific Computing and Algorithms in Industrial Simulations Selberg Zeta Functions and Transfer Operators Semi-Infinite Fractional Programming Sequential Experiments with Primes Series of Bessel and Kummer-Type Functions Shadowing and Hyperbolicity Simple Relation Algebras Simplicity: Ideals of Practice in Mathematics and the Arts Singular Limits in Thermodynamics of Viscous Fluids Singularities and Computer Algebra Singularities in Geometry, Topology, Foliations and Dynamics Smart City Networks Spatial Interaction Models Special Metrics and Group Actions in Geometry Spectral Analysis of Growing Graphs Spectral Theory and Quantum Mechanics Square Matrices of Order 2 Statistical Analysis with Measurement Error or Misclassification Statistical Disclosure Control for Microdata Statistical Distributions Statistical Estimation for Truncated Exponential Families Statistical Modeling for Degradation Data Stein Manifolds and Holomorphic Mappings Stochastic Analysis and Related Topics Stochastic Calculus Stochastic Geometric Mechanics Stochastic Modeling Stochastic Optimal Control in Infinite Dimension Stochastic Partial Differential Equations Stochastic Processes Surface-Knots in 4-Space Sustainable Logistics and Transportation Sustained Simulation Performance Temporal Network Epidemiology The H Boson The Life and Works of John Napier The Many Faces of Elastica The Mathematics and Mechanics of Biological Growth The Moment Problem The Power of q The Relationship between Language and Spatial Ability The Science and Art of Simulation I The Theory of Nilpotent Groups Theory of Random Sets Theory of Semigroups and Applications Time in Physics Time Series Analysis and Its Applications Tools for Computational Finance Topics in Mathematical Biology Topics in Modern Differential Geometry Topological Data Analysis for Scientific Visualization Topological Vector Spaces and Their Applications Topology and Condensed Matter Physics Topology, Calculus and Approximation Transionospheric Synthetic Aperture Imaging Transport Processes at Fluidic Interfaces Twenty-One Lectures on Complex Analysis Uncertainty Quantification Uncertainty Quantification for Hyperbolic and Kinetic Equations Undergraduate Mathematics Competitions — Variational Analysis of Regular Mappings Wavelets in Functional Data Analysis Waves in Continuous Media Women in Mathematical Biology Kalton Selecta Nigel J.

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CFPs in Mathematics and Statistics

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