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We picked up the keys to our new office today, and as it is currently an entirely empty rectangular prism, it is also something of an echo chamber.

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We'll get those beetles swept up shortly. For the second half of the show, step into the wayback machine and travel with Sean to Los Angeles, where he discusses Thirty Flights of Loving with creator Brendon Chung.

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Disco de Toto: “The Seventh One”

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  • During your Draw Phase, if you draw this card with your normal draw: You can reveal it. This Special Summon is treated as an Xyz Summon. The reason I find this card interesting is because you don't need to control an xyz monster to activate it, and the card is not a minus. I see this being an excellent card to run a single copy for any deck that can make room for two cards in their extra deck. The first being Number the second being Number C The effect reads:. The way I would predict this being used is the two xyz monsters are kept in the extra deck with no intention of summoning them any other way.

    The card becomes the ultimate top deck, and can be ran in any deck. The only downside would be that the card is dead if you open with it, or draw it outside of your draw phase. At the start of your main phase 1 you get a free beater with kick-ass effects. This would be a great top deck whether you are ahead, behind, preparing to otk, or have completely run out of cards and are hoping to top deck a dark hole.

    What do you think of this card? I can actually see this as a legitimate tech for Sylvans after Sylvan Charity is released.

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    Plus they have Rank 8 ability so Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon wouldn't be so much of a dead card in the Extra as it would be in some other decks! Obviously you'd probably favour Felgrand above it, but still. The name is symbolic in the anime. I'd say more, but eh, spoilers for those who watch the english dub.

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    It's named such because in the anime, The character Reginald Castle discovers he's something known as a barian emperor, and he happens to be the seventh one, and the leader. He introduces this card as their trump card and all the barian emperors in the show start running it.

    Hence "The seventh one". Ironically enough it's the sixth one. Although that might just be Numeron Force. Considering that the Numeron Code is basically a map of God and all creation, I'm not sure how you could go much more "first" than that. Unless they use the legit Numeron Code card to rank-up rather than Numeron Force which would be interesting given what number is. CXyz Barian Hope. Hidden category: Card pages with an unofficial Croatian name. Namespaces Page Discussion.

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