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Reinstall wire No. Replace wire No. Disconnect wire No. Use a multimeter to check for continuity between ends of wire while it is being flexed. Remove thermal delay relay tube TD2 from its socket. Stick one multimeter probe into thermal delay relay. Remove thermal delay relay tube TD2 and cut splice from wire No. Stick one multimeter probe.

Reattach wire No. Splice wire near the thermostatic switch S1 on top of boiler, Replace.

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Use multimeter to check continuity between ends of wire No. Control panel assembly 1 Position control panel assembly 1 into place.

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  • Guide loose ends of wires Connect the electrical wiring and cables to the engine. Pump unit subassembly 2 and cables through the pump unit subassembly 2 frame. Secure control as required to make operational. Some minor adjust-. Lock washers 3 panel assembly 1 with 14 lock washers 3 and hexagon head cap ments may be required to get proper movement of the. Thread tapping screws 38 inch inside the frame.

    Install 14 thread tapping screws 38 and tighten. Frame assembly 1 With one soldier at each corner, lift frame assembly 1 up over the skid After frame assembly 1 is positioned on skid base. Skid base subassembly 2 base subassembly 2 and lower into place. Position to aline as many subassembly 2 , refer to plumbing assembly. Spring lock washers 3 mounting holes as possible. Install ten spring lock washers 3 and para to install lower discharge pipe.

    See paragraph Annular ball bearings 1 Assemble four annular ball bearings 1 on both ends of two rollers 2 and. Blind rivets 14 Chisel two blind rivets 14 out of each of the 26 turnlock receptacles Turnlock receptacles 15 as necessary. Do not remove turnlock receptacles 15 unless defective.

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    Power-take-off adapter 53 Loosen the setscrew 51 in hub 52 and pull hub 52 off of power-take-. Remove existing oil filler tube and bend as shown in illustration. Reinstall Oil filler tube must be bent to a new angle on engines. Oil manufactured before January Oil manufactured after January Pipe straight adapter 36 check valve 38 , and pipe nipple Make certain stop-check valve Aline the slot in hub 2 with woodruff key 1. Slide hub 2 on until it is attaching grooved pulley assembly 7. Tighten setscrew 3.

    m12a1 30 level: tm 3-4230-209-30&p

    Remove three screws 4 from grooved pulley 5. Pipe to tube elbow 25 threads of pipe bushing 24 , pipe to tube elbow 25 , pipe nipple 26 , pipe. Pipe to tube elbow 29 pump. Tighten until the free end of pipe to tube elbow 25 is pointing. Screw pipe nipple 30 and pipe elbow 31 together; then, as a unit, screw. Pipe straight adapter 39 Screw metallic pipe 35 and pipe elbow 36 together; then, as a unit,.

    Valve halves 16 and 17 Separate mounting bracket 7 and the two halves 16 and 17 of regulat- Handle 1 is a component part of the regulating. Regulating valve 18 ing valve 18 to gain access to valve diaphragm 1 9. The handle is repositioned for the applica-. Do not. Unscrew and remove nut 35 from G1. Retain disassemble more than needed for repairs. Machine screws 1 Remove six machine screws 1 , lock washers 2 , nuts 3 , and cover 4. Hexagon plain nuts 61 Remove five hexagon plain nuts 61 , internal tooth lock washers 62 , The control box does not have to be removed for.

    Internal tooth lock and machine screws 63 , while supporting control box Remove repair. Therefore, items 61 thru 64 need not be. Hexagon plain nuts 65 Remove 12 plain nuts 65 , internal tooth lock washers 66 , and machine.

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    Internal tooth lock screws 28 , internal tooth lock washers 29 , and hexagon plain nuts Gage identification plate 1 If removed, install new gage identification plate 1 , decal 2 , temperature. Electrical connector Step 1. Unscrew and remove two screws 22 and a strap 23 located on. Splice connector 21 Using splice connector 21 on the ends of electrical leads 6 and 12, The two electrical wires from the fuel solenoid valve.

    Fuel pump solenoid shown on schematic on page , connect control box wiring to the are not components of the electrical wiring. They are. Electrical leads 1 thru 20 The electrical leads 1 thru 20 , electrical connector cable clamp 21 ,. Hose clamps 1 Remove two hose clamps 1 by driving a flat bladed tool between the The old style fuel hose assembly with an external solid. Nonmetallic hose 2 buckle and the band, or by cutting off nonmetallic hose assembly 2 wire may be used until the external solid wire breaks. Rubber hose 3 directly behind hose clamp 1.

    At that time, the old pipe to hose straight adapter 8. Pipe-to-tube elbow 6 Remove pipe-to-tube elbow 6 and pipe bushing 7 from the bottom of. Position solenoid valve 1 onto skid base 2 and aline mounting holes.

    Connect wire according to instructions for wiring. Pipe bushing 19 elbow 18 , pipe bushing 19 , pipe-to-tube tee 20 , and pipe bushing Flat washers 22 and 23 Screw pipe-to-tube tee 20 and pipe bushing 21 together and install flat. Quick disconnect coupling washer 22 on end of pipe bushing Insert end of pipe bushing Ignition terminal sleeve 17 Insert ignition terminal sleeve 17 into ignition distributor cap Unscrew and remove four machine screws 1 , four lock washers 2 , Fuel pump and ignition drive motor is shown sepacover.

    Inside of opening, remove machine screw 5 , rated for illustration purposes only. The torsion helical. Remove electrical contact brush 7 by lifting torsion springs 8 and electrical contact brushes 7 will be. Repeat this procedure to disassemble the electrical removed and reinstalled through the opening under. Step See TM 30 - for instructions on how to shut down.

    Side fire box gaskets 27 Remove the two side fire box gaskets 27 and two fire box gaskets If refractory castable mix has been damaged, the. Safety relief valve 12 Using antiseizing tape or sealing compound, wrap or coat the external.

    Pressure relief valve pipe threads of safety relief valve 12 , pressure relief valve pipe nipple 13 ,. This inspection is conducted on materiel in Decontaminating apparatus classified seralerted. The decontaminating apparatus must be Inspection Standard for Shower Assembly. Pipes Piping must not be bent or broken or have missing Gaskets Must be present in couplings and free of cracks. Threads must not be stripped. Sediment Strainer The mesh screen must be clean and free of tears. AR Reporting of ltem and Packaging Discrepancies. Packaging of Army Materiel for Shipment and Storage.

    Disposal of Excess. Foreign Excess. DA PAM General Fabric Repair. FM First Aid for Soldiers. LO 30 - LO Finishing of Metal and Wood Surfaces. CTA TB TM TM 30 Packaging of Materiel: Preservation Vol 1. Painting Instructions for Field Use.

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    QSTAG It authorizes the requisitioning,. Section Il. A list of spares and repair parts authorized by this RPSTL for use in the performance of maintenance. The list also includes parts. Parts lists are composed of functional groups in ascending alphanumeric sequence, with the parts in. Bulk materials are listed by item name in FIG. BULK at the end of the section. Repair parts kits are. Section IV.