e-book Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds

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The Truth Will Set Us Free This book is empowering for women who have been told that theology is the man's work, or who have been relegated to studying only the "pink passages. The truth is that God desires all people — male or female — know Him for who He is. A proper understanding of Scripture and how to study Scripture is absolutely essential for Christian women.

Because our Biblical theology affects our practical theology — how we live out what we believe before God and humankind. Our understanding of who God is directly affects our understanding of the world around us, of ourselves, and how we view and treat the countless other people created in God's image. And until we can dig deeper to understand who God is, we often leave ourselves with a very shallow interpretation of each of those areas. If we've been taught that it's okay to cherry pick the Scriptures, we end up twisting the Bible to say whatever we want it to say.

If we haven't understood the metanarrative of the Bible, we are unable to discern what is truth when we hear Bible teachers teach opposite positions.

Women of the Word - Revive Our Hearts

It would behoove those in a position of teaching God's word to others or leading a Bible study to read this book. In fact, Jen devoted her last chapter to addressing the particulars of teaching Bible study. While this book is addressed particularly for women, this would also be a valuable resource in any man's toolkit for studying Scripture. For those who are in a season of life that allows for only minimal or, even no interaction with the Bible, the author empathizes and is careful not to make rules that Scripture itself does not make.

Rather, she writes with encouragement to endure and wait during such seasons. A portion of such encouragement is included below, as the final excerpt. After reading this book, my hunger for further and deeper Bible study grew. Assorted Excerpts: "It seemed obvious that if God had given us his revealed will in the Bible, I should be spending more time trying to know and understand it.

But all opinions are my own.

What a wonderful tool for learning how to best study the Word of God. This is one of the most helpful guides I've come across in my many years as a student of the Bible. Highly recommended. View all 3 comments. Jul 17, Rachel B rated it it was ok Shelves: christian-non-fiction.

Overall, this book was just okay. It has fairly sound teaching, and I can appreciate Wilkin's desire to motivate more women to really know their Bibles. However, her tone throughout the first half of the book read to me like, "I used to be a terrible Christian who didn't know anything, either. But I have now arrived, and if you just do exactly what I do, you can become an awesome Christian, too! The book was really dry. I finally started skimming Overall, this book was just okay.

I finally started skimming in the last few chapters which I hardly ever do , because I just wanted it to end already. Her version of studying the Bible is essentially the induction method.

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Rather than reading an entire book on it, one could save a lot of time and energy by doing a quick Google search to discover the key attributes of such a study. This book is about pages, but it could have been greatly condensed! I would have personally preferred reading stories from multiple women in various life stages. I'm an ISTJ, and so it would make sense that the concepts she spoke of being "breakthrough" type moments only made me go, "Well, duh.

The truth is, we all come to our Bibles with vastly different personalities and experiences, and since she seemed to be writing to only one type of person someone who shares her exact personality , I had a very hard time connecting with her and walking away with anything of value For someone who is very new to the Christian faith and needs very basic information on getting started with studying the Bible, or for the ENFP : this could be a helpful read.

View all 7 comments. Jan 13, Wendy rated it it was amazing. An accessible hermeneutic for ladies and seriously Oct 16, Melanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction. This book was amazing. I loved the content and the way it was written. It had a lot of helpful tips about how to study the Bible and I can definitely see myself rereading it in the future.

It was a very easy read, and yet it had a lot of depth. I highly recommend this book. View 1 comment.

Apr 25, Christine Hoover rated it really liked it. Women of the Word is an excellent resource for learning a process for Bible literacy. Would be helpful to walk through with someone in a discipleship relationship who would like to learn to study the Bible for themselves. Dec 29, Kate rated it it was amazing. I certainly see some of the weak spots in this book, and agree about its flaws, but I feel like a lot depends on what you're hoping for this book to accomplish. For me, it did exactly what I needed it to: 1.

It ignited a much greater interest in Bible literacy. This is something I've found it easy to overlook or take for granted. I have read the Bible and attended church for more than 20 years, so I can assume that Bible literacy will simply come to me through Sunday morning preaching which is vital - don't get me wrong! But this book highlights the importance of studying the Bible with intention and depth. I want to know the Bible for myself, and be able to share it with others.

I think this book could ignite a similar passion among other women. It helped me realise that I can understand the Bible for myself. This may sound like a strangely obvious statement, but I found Wilkins's encouragement to only bring in commentary and other resources after an initial in-depth study for yourself, really eye opening for me.

I have felt that because I have no formal Bible training, I must rely primarily on the teaching of others in order to understand a text, so it was refreshing to be encouraged that God reveals Himself in His Word when any of us are faithful to study it. That isn't to say my interpretations are infallible - I think Wilkin was very clear that we will still find passages hard to understand and will need to ask for as much help as possible as we seek to faithfully understand Scripture - but it was an enlivening to be reminded that God speaks to us through His Word directly.

The length of this book was great. I could see this book not only being an accessible resource but actually a catalyst for spurring on Bible study within churches. It sets out a great vision at the beginning and end, and between it gives simple practical tools. Though some have compared this book to more in-depth writings by Kay Arthur and John Piper, I'd say that my interest in reading those books has been stirred BY reading this one.

Perhaps this is the "introductory" level book on Bible study that begins a longer journey. Apr 16, Rebekah rated it it was amazing. This book was so helpful! I can't wait to dig into my Bible study tomorrow morning using the things I learned from this book! Aug 18, Olivia Liv's Library rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian. I cannot talk enough about this book, so just read it. Dec 15, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-believe-in.

Thanks, Jen Wilkin! Good encouragement for women who want to actually study for themselves, not just sit in front of a screen listening to someone else's ideas about the Bible and filling in the prepared blanks. I especially appreciated her encouragement for women to become teachers of other women.


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This book is sorely needed and I'm sorry I didn't buy it when I had the chance a few years ago. I'm encouraged afresh to realize I'm not alone in my frustrations! Jan 01, Paul J. This was a great book I really appreciated and will be going back to repeatedly. While I didn't find any "secret key to Bible study" or "the way to master God's Word in just 20 seconds a day", it is a very useful, succinct overview of good Bible study.

There were a lot of good reminders. I think it is well-written and a surprisingly easy and enjoyable read. Shelves: kindle , bibles-christian-resources. Kay Arthur's. She does have some good quotes but overall it doesn't live up to all the 5-star reviews I've seen. All those high reviews making this sound like the best book on how to study the Bible made me expect it to be much better. The Bible is a book about God. But sound Bible study does more than that—it leaves the student with a better understanding of the Bible than she had when she started.

Stated another way, sound Bible study increases Bible literacy.

So how do we as women respond to this situation of Bible illiteracy ?

It is actually a sign that our understanding is being challenged and that learning is about to take place. Observation can be subjective—it can connote a casual perusal, in which I pull out details or thoughts that seem significant to me as I read. Comprehension, on the other hand, is more objective. It seeks purposefully to discover what the original author intended me to notice or ask. Replacing Observation with Comprehension is like skipping the Observation step of Bible study and splitting Interpretation into Interpretation Part 1 and Interpretation Part 2.

And per thesaurus.